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Mike Huckabee's gems of wisdom. News Team

Huckabee’s gems of wisdom and why you should ignore “mainstream” media polls.

(By Kyle Rogers)

A former Arkansas Governor, whom many would argue was a more liberal Governor than Bill Clinton was when he held the post, is trying to re-invent himself as a conservative. Like Giuliani and Romney, he has some liberal skeletons in his closet. Like when Huckabee, who is a Baptist Preacher, led the most liberal faction of the Southern Baptist Convention.

One should not forget that Huckabee was an enthusiastic supporter of the McCain-Kennedy mass amnesty bill. In fact Huckabee sanctimoniously stated that amnesty proposals were a “chance to make up for past racism.” Huckabee went on to say “I think frankly the Lord is giving us a second chance to do better than [the “racist” way] we did before.”

Later when asked about amnesty at the Lexington, South Carolina GOP Convention, Huckabee stated “Tonight, when you get home, get on your knees and thank God you live in a country people are trying to break into …”

Now with Fred Thompson faltering and McCain in collapse, the media is searching for a new liberal Republican darling. Even though Huckabee raised a dismal 1 million in Q3, MSNBC claims he is now in third place in the polls in Iowa. A good reason not to believe the polls shown on the 24 hour “mainstream” news networks.

Even Bill Clinton has sounded off on Huckabee, stating that he was the only “dark horse that’s got any kind of chance.” Other “mainstream” newspapers are touting Huckabee as the in candidate for Republican vice president. So when the “mainstream” press show you a Republican president poll and the top three or four spots are all extremely liberal, and five or so candidates are not even listed at all, just ignore it and keep working locally for the real candidate of your choice.