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Miller sponsors public sex fetish fair in San Fransisco. News Team

Miller Brewing Company joined hardcore pornography websites, sex toy companies, and homosexual dating sites in sponsoring a public street festival dedicated to sex fetishes. Public nudity, and even public sex acts did not stop underage children from attending.

When complaints poured in to the Miller Brewing Company, they responded.

“We are and will continue to be supportive [of Folsom Street Fair and the LGBT community],” said Julian Green, director of media relations of Miller Brewing Company, Wednesday afternoon.

When people began sending pictures to the actual festival to the Miller Brewing Company website, they immediately posted this notice.

Yesterday, I noted the richly ironic disclaimer on Miller Lite’s website warning visitors that they may not “post or transmit to this Web site any unlawful, pornographic, obscene, profane, defamatory, libelous, threatening or otherwise objectionable material.”

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