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Montreal news calls racially motivated mob beating a "savage attack." News Team

News coverage of the racially motivated beating of two 14 year old high school girls by a mob of teenage Haitian immigrants in Montreal’s north side. Both of the victims required medical attention, but the extent of their injuries has not been reported. TQS news calls it a “savage attack.” The shows actual footage from the video made by one of the attackers on his cell phone. This attack was downplayed and repeatedly referred to as a “spat” by the Montreal Globe and Mail. In one article the Montreal Globe and Mail reported that the mob who attacked the girls was racially mixed, even though the video clearly shows all the attackers are black.

The attack started when a group of Haitians began taunting the two girls at a Burger King and throwing ice cubes at them. The two girls were followed from the Burger King and assaulted by a mob at a public park. Four teenage Haitian girls have been arrested. The suspects blame the two victims for the attack.

Long time viewers of will remember that we have reported on numerous similar mob attacks on white teenage girls in the United States over the past year.

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