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Former NAACP leader wants alledged black serial rapist freed. News Team

Professional race hustler rushes to defend the most vile criminal elements of the black community.

An 18 year old black male is in custody alleged to have raped two girls aged 16 and 15.

Bless Queen, the mother of the alleged perpetrator, and the county NAACP seem to be trying to create another Jena 6 furor. Claiming that the county is “racist” and gave the alleged serial rapist an extra high bail because one of the victims is white.

Let me repeat the charges. Raping a 16 year old girl and a 15 year old girl. The prosecuted asked that the perpetrator be held without bail, but the judge granted a $1M dollar bail anyway.

Phyllis Hammond, a former Carroll County NAACP president, said racism has infected the county’s judicial system for years.

“I definitely think that the state’s attorney, the judges and even the officers, I think they have had unfair practices,” Hammond said. “It’s blatant racism there.”