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Neocons Delenda Est

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

The main buzz surrounding the 2008 elections is the threatened exodus from the GOP of Christian conservatives if Rudy Giuliani or even Fred Thompson become the Republican nominee for president. Well it is high time that evangelicals declared their independence from the Stupid Party. The only question that I have is what took them so long to wake up and smell the roses? Of every faction of the GOP it has been the Christian conservatives who have had their support taken for granted by those in the houses of power. All it took was waving the bloody shirt of abortion and gay marriage to get the evangelicals to march in lockstep with the same George Bush who is celebrating Ramadan, with Dick Cheney who celebrates his lesbian daughter having a child via artificial insemination, and the likes of Mark Foley and Larry “footsie” Craig.

The traditional argument against such a flight from the rotten structure of the GOP has been the specter of the Democrats and their hordes of Marxist minions. One can never tail which straw broke the camel’s back but now evangelicals may at long last realize what Chuck Baldwin and Co. have been saying all along, that as bad as the Democrats may be that there is no success out of marching in lockstep with the Republican Party. The only thing the Stupid Party heads care about is power and whatever the cost maybe it will be paid. Pandering to minorities, no problem. Open borders and a 3rd World invasion, sure why not. Capitulating on abortion and gay marriage, whatever it takes. If Rudy is the nominee then the GOP will be committing the ultimate act in expediency, and will be thrashed royally in 2008 as a result of it’s sellout.

Whatever happens in the next few months that will determine the Republican nominee, there can only be one mantra for we of the Old Right and those who wish to save the Republic. The neocons must be cast out of our midst and told to not let the door hit them on the way out. They have dominated the politics of the GOP since the end (and arguably prior to the end) of the Reagan Administration. While Ronald Reagan was no neocon, his successor sure was and George W. Bush has served their will with all the independence of a puppet. Now we see that the neocons dominate the presidential candidate field with Rudy, McCain, Thompson, Huckabee, Romney, and Brownback. Only Paul, Tancredo, and Hunter give any hope to the Old Right of being anything worth our vote.

Whomever each of us chooses to vote for, let us agree on one point, another neocon presidency will be a disaster of great proportions from which our nation may not recover. Amnesty for illegals, war without end in the Middle East, and the permanent institution of the Patriot Act, NSA Wiretaps, ect will be the end of our Republic as we know it. Time is fast ticking away as Iowa is but a few short months away. If we wish to head off the disaster of a Rudy, a Thompson, or a Romney nomination, then now is the time to pick a horse and work for them to stop the Establishment before it destroys our Republic once and for all.