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Neocons warm to Hillary

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

When the pressure begins to build on an individual their true colors all to often began to show. Such is the the case as the neocons face the possible end of their eight year reign of terror. With the borders overrun, the GOP in shambles, it seems to be the prevailing wisdom that the Democrats led by Hillary Clinton will come charging back into the White House with a vengeance in January 2009. To this the neocons are now beginning to shrug and go so what.

Charles Krauthammer, a fellow traveler of Bill Kristol’s, is now singing the praises of not just Hillary Clinton but her husband’s administration. Despite the obvious damage that NAFTA did to our country’s economy Mr. Krauthammer praises Bill Clinton for his “vision” in signing the agreement that was the first step in abolishing American sovereignty. Such a sentiment is dear to Mr. Krauthammer as in the early 90’s he called for the formation of a transcontinental union between North America, Europe, and Japan. This proposed policy would mean nothing less then the extinction of the United States and the removal of any and all jobs that could be done cheaper overseas.

Perhaps the most condemning state of Mr. Krauthammer’s entire piece is “I could never vote for her, but I (and others of my ideological ilk) could live with her.” The winds have shifted against the GOP and the conservative movement and now the neocons revert back to their true colors, Wilsonian liberals with neither character nor principle. It is precisely because of them that the tides have shifted against the GOP. It was the policy recommendations of people like Perle, Wolfowitz, and Frum that put Republicans in the minority and threaten to loose even more ground next November. Now like the true jackals that they are they are the first ones to take up a lifeboat off the ship they sank leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces.

Pat Buchanan once said that every movement began as a cause, turned into a business, and then became a racket. So true of the conservative movement who came to power in 1980, 1994, and 2000. With the end of the Cold War the neocons seized the levers of power and forced the hand of Bush, Bush II, and now display their admiration of Clinton. The surrender of national interest to transnational entities and globalist interest became the order of the day at the expense of the American people. Perhaps their biggest dereliction of duty was their surrender in the Culture Wars. When the Grim Reapers of the Left and political correctness came for the Confederate flag, traditional marriage, the interpretation of American history, and victim after the victim they merely said don’t rock the boat and take what you want.

2008 is set to be a purge by fire for the GOP. The chickens are coming home to roost for the party that abandoned all principle in the name of power and conservatives are tired of being taken for granted. Should the GOP nominate a CFR type like Romney, Giulianni, or Thompson then they will rightly go down in defeat in 2008 for refusing to offer any true choice in the election. Only someone like Tom Tancredo or Ron Paul offers a clear break for the GOP from the past and the Bush legacy. Call me a cynic but it will take a miracle for the Stupid Party to live down it’s name and nominate one of the two aforementioned patriots. We are in for a long election season, and a long cold four years.