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No Child Left Behind. News Team

No Child Left Behind expanded the Department of Education and increased Federal control of local schools. Which Republican presidential candidates supported No Child Left Behind and which do not?

The vote was held in 2001

Rep. Ron Paul – Voted No
Rep. Tom Tancredo – Voted No

Rep. Duncan Hunter – Voted Yes
Sen. McCain – Voted Yes
Sen. Fred Thompson – Voted Yes

Other candidates positions who were not members of congress.

Mitt Romney – When Mitt Romney ran for the Senate in 1994 he campaigned on a platform that called for the elimination of the Department of Education (A position currently held by Ron Paul). However, at the May 15th debate in South Carolina, Romney stated that his 1994 stance was a mistake and that he now supports the Department of Education and No Child Left Behind.

Mike Huckabee – Huckabee pledged his support for No Child Left Behind in a campaign video in April of 2007. As Governor of Arkansas, Huckabee signed an anti-Homeschooling bill into law that rolled back homeschoolers’ rights in the state in 1999. The bill made Arkansas one of the most difficult states in the country to begin homeschooling a child after the school year has started, even if the child is in danger or is a behavioral problem at the school.