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Whites dominate beauty pageants and television in Latin America. News Team

Picture: Miss Mexico. She is 6′ and light skinned, with features similar to women in Southern Europe. Dark-skinned women don’t win beauty pageants in Mexico.

To view pictures of previous Miss Mexico winners for the past 13 years click here. The winners don’t look much different than pageant winners in Spain. Click Here.

Mexicans are others will say that America is a racist white country full of inequity along racial lines.

According to the Mexican Genome Project, Mexicans are 65% Indigenous and 35% Non-Indigenous. The poorest states in Mexico tend to be the ones with the fewest percentage of European genes. However, Mexico’s poorest state has a population who’s genes are 22% of African ancestry.

Mexican’s are divide along racial lines and the most obvious is in standards of beauty.

Allan Wall writes…

In Mexican show biz, whites are predominantly represented in the movies, TV and pop music.

One of Mexico’s biggest cultural exports these days is the telenovela, a genre akin to the soap opera. In these series, which are exported worldwide, the principal characters tend to be white and the dark-skinned actors portray servants. Like in real life, in other words.

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