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What makes Ron Paul Stand Out?

ron-paul.jpgFrom the News Team…

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Only Ron Paul can beat Hillary, so says Special Contributor, Jennifer Reynolds. One thing that struck me with the Michigan debate the other night was just how afraid all of the candidates seemed to be of Hillary Clinton. They brought her name up over an over. As Joe Dumas writes: If it comes down to Hillary Clinton vs. any of the “establishment” Republican candidates, she wins by default. Ron Paul is the only man who can list numerous supporters who from Independents, to Democrats, to Libertarians, and Undeclareds and that large group of disenfranchised people who haven’t voted for anyone in years.

Ron Paul dared to speak that truth in the debate. He spoke about a failing economy, the reason it is happening, and the financial crisis on the poor and middle class. But more than that, he actually had a real answer for it. He didn’t speak in pretty little phrases, he spoke cold hard truth. He explained how as our foreign policy spreads further and further across the globe we need to find a place to get all that money to pay for it. That money gets printed out of thin air by the Federal Reserve. The consequences are the same as if an illegal counterfeiter were dumping trillions into our economy: our money becomes worth less and less and prices go up more and more.

The Constitution was written to protect the people from the government, not to give the government unlimited powers. Our founders knew that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely and so they did their best to hogtie the Federal Government from taking away our rights and freedoms. Ron Paul offers the only chance to change the course and return to the basics that this country was founded upon. He offers freedom from government interference, freedom from global domination at the expense of those here at home, and freedom from government spying on all its citizens.

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