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NJ media downplays racially motivated murder. News Team

The Philadelphia media is downplaying a brutal racially motivated murder of a white college student, by describing the attack as a robbery.

Despite eyewitness accounts of the attackers and a police manhunt. The AP and some other news outlets would not even give the description of the attackers provided by police, putting the public at further risk. Witnesses told police that a group of five black males, some with dreadlocks, committed the attack.

For example, racially motivated attacks on white college students are so common around Ohio State University, students at the college are given a map of areas to avoid walking in at an orientation class all incoming freshmen are required to take their first quarter. The map depicts the most heavily black areas of the surrounding neighborhoods as no go zones. Students are taught that gang members prey on college students, however the fact that the attacks are racially motivated assaults committed exclusively against whites is not mentioned.

Donald Farrell was leaving a party when three black men assaulted him and then brutally kicked him on the ground and stabbed him. They fled with his cell phone. The college student died later of his wounds. Similar attacks have occurred against white college students by black and Latino gang members across the country, as many gangs use assaults against white students as initiations. has reported many times that news agencies will conceal information about criminals if the suspect is black. This is particular true in cases of black on white murders, even when the suspect is still on the loose and police provide the media with descriptions. In this case two or more of the attackers had dreadlocks which would make them stand out and be a valuable piece of information for the public to have in assisting police in apprehending the savage killers.

ecently, reported that the LA Times website actually publicly admitted that they conceal the race of crime suspects in their daily paper so as “not to stigmatize any one group.”