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political-cesspool-staff.jpgHappy Anniversary from the News Team…

October 26, 2004. That’s when it all began; Our first night on AM Radio. Join the current members of The Political Cesspool staff as they mark the official date of this program’s birth! Geoff Melton, Eddie “The Bombardier” Miller, Bill Rolen and Winston Smith will all be on hand as they talk about their favorite guests and share their personal stories of how they came to be a part of one of the most influential political talk shows in the country. All of the current hosts will be present this evening except for James, who will be in Atlanta on radio related business.

Just last week we received a new offer from a broadcasting network based in Georgia that seeks to syndicate our show because of its quality and content. This deal, I am pleased to report, has progressed quite rapidly to the point that we will be ready to make the jump in the next couple of weeks! More details will be released after the contracts are signed.

Now, imagine how many more of our kinsmen can be influenced if we increase our presence twelve-fold, with even more internet exposure to boot! It can happen, but we must move quickly. Again, we MUST raise $5000 by November 12. Can we count on you to make a financial contribution now, when we need it most? If we are able to reach this modest fundraising goal within the next three weeks, we will, at long last, be able to obtain substantial syndication and fulfill our promise to you to grow this groundbreaking show.

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