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Reconquista Now

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

For those dissatisfied with the dysfunctional nature of American politics your in for a treat. Now we are all to be treated to America’s newest import, Mexican politics. As the Political Cesspool reported last week the Mexican National Action Party (must’ve leached it’s name off of Al Sharpton’s group) held it’s political convention not in Mexico City, not in Veracruz, but in Los Angeles. That’s right first came the drugs, then the people, and the same corrupt regime that has sponsored the wholesale invasion of the American Southwest is bringing it’s political disputes to our streets. Pat Buchanan said it best when he stated that we are nurturing a giant Quebec in the making as more and more Chicanos pour across our border. Within the next ten years mark my words these same people will be demanding a dual say in both the politics of Mexico and the United States. California and the Southwest are on life support as we speak, and other states are feeling the ravages of this invasion.

Perhaps the biggest disappointment of this week so far would have to be that in Virginia, the Prince William County commissioners blinked at the prospect of cutting off taxpayer services to illegal aliens. One would hope that they see common sense because the countdown to Virginia’s state and local elections tells us that they have one month to get this right. People across this country have spoken in outrage at the very thought of giving amnesty and are furious that their taxpayer dollars are subsidizing the invasion and conquest of America by the Third World. This is not, I repeat not their country. They are not America, and if they indeed become America I’m selling my bonds.

The hesitancy of our politicians to stop this invasion is maddening. Americans have voted overwhelmingly in favor of proposals in various states to halt the invasion and cut off benefits to illegal aliens. Proposition 187 in California, Proposition 200 in Arizona, hardline laws in Arizona and Oklahoma, and in shutting down the day labor site in Herndon, VA. What is in our politician’s water that they can’t see common sense staring them right in the face?

The government of the United States is submitting to an invasion without the consent of the people of America. In the past real men would’ve stopped this invasion dead in it’s tracks and told Mexico City to choke on it. Instead they have flung open the gates and attempted to welcome the barbarians of today inside of Rome’s gates. Well we will not consent nor ever submit to having our nation become a Third World cesspool for our children and grandchildren to waler in. More and more Americans are waking up everyday and seeing their towns and localities change before their eyes and they don’t like it. They do not like hearing Spanish speaking invaders catered to by our government. In short they are ready for our message.

Our message is that of restoring the Republic. A restoration of our God given rights to live as we choose in a nation of our making. This moment must not be passed up. Every day it becomes harder and harder to turn back the tide as the invasion gains momentum, sympathy, and aid and comfort from our political masters. The Council of Conservative Citizens is the path to defending our rights from a Marxist system run amok. Join today and we shall take back that which is lost. We will in short keep America American.