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Ron Paul Gaining Momentum?

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

I write this not to endorse Ron Paul over any other candidate but to opine on a phenomenon that has now gone mainstream. Dr. Paul this time last year was hardly known to the majority of Americans and in many ways he’s still getting his name out to the American people. This lack of recognition has not however impeded Paul from making his mark on this pivotal election. Congressman Paul has also sweeping straw polls across this country, winning most decisively in West Alabama. He has one in a majority of post debate flash polls. His signs are seen by all driving into our nation’s capitol and many other major cities. Yet are the efforts of his enthusiastic supporters translating into votes and support that will deliver come caucus day in Iowa and on primary day in New Hampshire?

While it is unclear the extent of his support in Iowa, New Hampshire is starting to get interesting. Paul is currently in 4th with 7.4% in New Hampshire behind Romney, Giuliani, and McCain. This is a far cry from the 1% that he has been polling in during past surveys of both the state and the country. In South Carolina he will be opening an office in Greenville on November 1 and touring the state. Most interestingly though is that Rasmussen Reports states that Paul leads Hillary Clinton among 40-49 year old likely voters by 47-44. As Paul continues to spend the money he raised in the 3rd Quarter, plus recieve more coverage, his message is impact and influence will grow stronger still.

It is a sign that Americans are swinging away from the overbearing influence of Washington that should be the main point we take away from this. It means that our own message has fertile soil to grow in around the country as people seek an America First policy in economics, immigration, and foreign policy. Regardless of who you support individually it is certain that Paul, Tancredo, and Hunter are much better then any of the neocon sellouts like Giuliani, McCain, Romney and Thompson. That one of those three has caught fire should be heartening to us as Americans hear ideas many of us and throughout the Right have articulated for decades. Whether this is the last hurrah or the beginning insurgency to take back our country it is definitly a wonder to witness.