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Science has the final say…..unless we're talking about race of course

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Observing the thought process of the left wing is as dizzying for me as the man who has just stepped off a tilt a whirl at the fair. Normally they tell me I’m supposed to believe that science is the end all be all determinant in our world. Whether it be global warming, determining the sexuality of an individual, evolution, among others it is science that we are constantly lectured that determines everything. Why now is it that when a renowned scientist questions whether racial biology determines intelligence, all of a sudden science is thrown out the window?

Dr. Watson, who along with his colleague unraveled the structure of DNA, got into a bit of hot water when he commented about Western aid to Africa. Watson stated he was,”“inherently gloomy about the prospect of Africa . . . because all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours—whereas all the testing says not really.” Now one would think in Europe that prides itself on openess, liberalism, and any manner of other free thinking enterprises would feel free to challenge Dr. Watson’s comments on the basis of evidence and science. After all science is what is the absolute bottom line, right?

WRONG, WRONG, and WRONG. How dare someone question the differences between the races on the basis of science? This has crossed the line in respectable academic speech! But why is that? Could it be that the danger in exploring these supposed differences is that they are true? Perhaps there is a link between race and intelligence. In fact the growing consensus is that there is indeed a link. Now our free thinking left wing friends are caught in quite an intellectual quandary here. Either a. the differences were placed there by a Creator who according to them doesn’t exist, b. there is a scientific link which would undercut every claim of theirs made in the debate over race relations, or c. look like hypocrites by denying science and silencing any debate on this issue.

True to form these Cultural Marxists are attempting to silence debate by canceling Dr. Watson’s speaking engagements. Anyone who dares to speak out on this issue will be banished from polite society and the rest of us hushed into terrified silence. The race hustlers among us believe that due to their control over the media, the education system, and academia that they will be able to quash discussion of this issue and go about implementing their social agenda. We have seen this course of events before, just the names and places are different. In the 1st Century AD the Jewish Pharisees and Romans attempted to stamp out Christianity, they failed. In the 20th Century the Soviet Union attempted to stop any questioning of the communist state via total control. Once again they failed.

Why did they fail? Because truth is truth and regardless of whatever steps one takes it is still there and can’t be denied. People are different, plain and simple. God made us this way. Pat Buchanan said that “race isn’t everything, but it isn’t nothing.” Denial will only prolong the misery of failed policies, failed solutions, and trillions of dollars thrown down the drain of social engineering schemes from Watts to Africa. Free speech isn’t always pleasant speech. We everyday are subjected to the assaults on our Christian Western culture by the modern day Marxists in our midsts. Desecration of church ceremonies, the burning of our flags, the denunciation of our heroes, and now the squelching of free speech. If they truly believe what they say, then they should have the courage to defend it. If Watson is wrong use science to prove him wrong. But until that day, lecture not us whenever you clearly don’t practice what you preach.