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By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

It’s sad to feel like a broken record but the US Senate gives me no choice. Last month the Senate, led by Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, attempted to attach the DREAM Act to the Defense Appropriations Bill. Just as odious as the Hate Crimes Bill that was attached to the defense budget, the DREAM Act failed to garner the votes necessary to be added on as an amendment to that bill. Just when we think that amnesty is dead in the leadup to the 2008 election, the pro-amnesty crowd has to launch another assault on the fabric of our nation. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has called for a cloture vote on the DREAM Act tommorow in the Senate. Some people never quit despite the obvious resistance and opposition put up by the vast majority of Americans.

This bill rewards illegal behavior plain and simple. Yet whether motivated by greed (ie. The Republicans) or votes and the thought of remaking the demographics of America (ie. The Democrats) we are beset on both sides by politicians who know not the meaning of the word illegal. That such charlatans would come to govern us is a measure of how far this nation has sank in the last half century. This will not change next year but we can make the difference in this debate, and God willing send some of these pro-amnesty politicians packing into retirement. Speaking of politicians needing to be voted out Senator Lindsay Graham has yet to state whether he opposes the DREAM Act.

The CofCC played a definitive role in stopping the Senate Amnesty back in June. Our organization lead the largest anti illegal immigration protests in the nation. Now let us lead the charge again and force the Senate to cast aside any plans for amnesty by bombarding them with calls and faxes over the next 24 hours. NUMBERSUSA has the latest tally of Senators pledged to vote for, against, and those undecided on the bill. Their phone numbers are included so that one needs only a phone handy to let these people know where we stand. Act now or we will see the Senate sell off our country piece by piece to the Third World and leave to our posterity a country you will barely recognize in the next few decades.