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Tancredo to retire from House. News Team

Rep. Tom Tancredo, is one of the most conservative members of the US Congress and a champion in the fight against political correctness. The staff at will be sad to see him leave the House after the end of his fifth term in 08. Tancredo is chairman of the Immigration Reform Caucus, which includes over 90 congressmen. He is also a member of the Liberty Caucus, chaired by Rep. Ron Paul.

Tancredo is also a candidate for US President and has said he is considering a run for the Senate seat held by freshman Senator Ken Salazar’s (D-Colo.) in 2010. Salazar is a pro-Amnesty Senator.

From Rocky Mountain News…

Tancredo parlayed a back-bench seat in Congress into a national megaphone to oppose illegal immigration, denounce a so-called “cult of multiculturalism” and warn about a “clash of civilizations” between radical Islam and Western civilizations.

From Fox News…

Tancredo said that when he first ran for Congress, he pledged to stay only for three terms, but during his second term, he told his constituents that he would have to break the promise to fight illegal immigration.

“I would go on the floor of the House night after night speak, and no one else would ever come up, and I’d offer amendments one after another for years and no one would ever — I mean the most we’d get is 80 or 90 votes, and things have changed dramatically,” Tancredo said.

“We’re now a lot of people in the House of Representatives … that I can hand that baton to, and do so with knowledge that they will fight for this issue,” Tancredo said, adding, “I have helped make it that way, I think, at least I hope, and I’m going to continue to do that of course during our discussions of, with this campaign for president.”

Asked if he was frustrated with politics in the House, he said he was pleased with the amount of attention illegal immigration has achieved — noting that one amendment of his that was virtually ignored years ago, was agreed to easily this year by voice vote.