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The Return of the Don?

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

The biggest crisis in the black community has caused quite an uproar among the National Association of Black Journalists. What crisis is this you ask? Illegitimate birth rates, spiraling crime rates, or a culture that promotes violence? No ladies and gentlemen; the big crisis is the speculated return of Don Imus to the radio airwaves. Rumors are flying, but one thing is for certain, the NABJ is angry as can be at the possible resurgence of the Don. And yes, they should be concerned. Cracks in the Cultural Revolution that they have for so long espoused are beginning to appear not just to us, but to more and more Americans.

The Duke Lacrosse Case, the hypocrisy in Jena, and the double standard applied to Imus’s comments compared to the first ten seconds of any major rap album undermine the credibility of black victimhood. If Imus comes back and prospers, it means that Americans will have less to fear from the Thought Police in this country. The biggest threat to people from the NABJ, NAACP, and the SPLC has been their ability to ruin careers and livelihoods for those who violate any taboo on race. If Imus comes back and refuses to be humbled and tamed, then why not other Americans as well?

The past has seen careers of too many people left in ashes because of impolitic statements and all too often they bit the bullet to be allowed back at the table of power and influence. Trent Lott was kicked around for praising Strom Thurmond, and when he was finally allowed back on top he was one of the biggest cheerleaders of amnesty for illegal aliens. Time will tell whether former Senator George Allen will have to humble himself before these self-appointed gods in our society. With each new abuse, each new outrage by the so-called civil rights lobby in this country seems to anger more and more people and turn them against the jackals Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson.

It is my hope that Imus can go back to work and prosper instead of being forever forced to walk in the wilderness. It would be a dramatic step on the path to the day when everyone will just ignore and shun the race hustlers who expect to silence people like Jared Taylor, James Edwards, and others who fearlessly speak the truth regardless of the personal consequences to themselves. Let us work for the day when we can bury political correctness in the ash heap of history as was the same Communist state that espoused it.