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The South's Worst Senator. Lindsey Graham. News Team

Related News: Dr. Buddy Witherspoon, South Carolina RNC National Committeeman, has entered the race for US Senate as a challenger to Lindsey Graham.

While most southern US Senators fought back again the Senate Amnesty Bill, one was sponsored Amnesty the whole time. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) has one of the worst records of any southern US Senator.

Lindsey Graham praises militant Chicano racial organization NCLR, and calls American’s who appose amnesty “bigots.”

[youtube nFXHvXLyP4w]

For the full speech, watch the video below. He also praises Senator Ted Kennedy.

[youtube 5sEfrFoAIn4]

Lindsey Graham is a leading proponent of the US Imperialism (which costs taxpayers nearly a trillion a year to maintain), and escalating the costly US presence in the Middle East.

[youtube JTiuYCZ9Xiw]