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UK: Hate Crimes vs. Thought Crimes. News Team

While UK authorities are contemplating whether a Nobel Prize winner scientist should face legal penalties for speaking about race, thousands of white victims of actual hate crimes go unnoticed by British politicians.

A growing phenomenon in the UK, which has reported on in the past, is the “happy slapping” craze among blacks in the United Kingdom. “Happy slapping” is when black youths attack a white person at random often video taping the assault to show to friends. Several women have been beaten and raped while being video taped by these thugs. Newspapers in UK often report “happy slapping” attackers as “youths” and complete omit any mention of race or that they are racially motivated assaults. reported last year that a 14 year old girl was beaten and raped by a group of black thugs who videotaped the assault. Later they invited dozens of friends over to have a party while watching the video. All the perpetrators were black. Several UK newspapers who wrote about the assault completely omitted the race of the victim and perpetrator, so readers would not even know that these are racially motivated crimes against white people.

[youtube 3wu9-GmOmKs]