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When Sharpton Attacks

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

I ask for your indulgences on this issue but this is very important for myself and millions of Southerners throughout this land of ours. While hunting at a lodge this week, Vice President Cheney was maybe possibly in the vicinity of a Confederate flag, lets all gasp in horror as the media expects us to do. It’s sad that just a few decades removed from when the Democratic Convention featured the playing of “Dixie” that any Southern symbol is instintively attacked as racist and hatefil. True to form Al Sharpton demanded that Cheney “leave immediately, denounce the club and apologize for going to a club that represents lynching, hate and murder to black people.” What do we say about the millions of Americans who view the flag with pride and a symbol of resistance to centralized federal tyranny?

Let’s not loose sight of the fact that Dick Cheney has been no friend of the South (or America for that matter) and nor has this Administration. Cheney forced the family of the late South Carolina Rep. Floyd Spence to promise to not display the Confederate flag or play “Dixie” if Cheney was to be present. No disrespect to the Spence family but I would have told the Vice President to take a hike.

This flap however highlights a point made by the late Dr. Sam Francis. Those who attack the Confederate flag are not merely enemies of the South, but of Christian civilization as a whole. The South is the best bastion and defender of the traditions of Christian civilization and we are therefore the easiest target. Yet Sharpton this year has been a poster boy of where the ultimate end of these attacks will take us. His vicious attacks on the Duke Lacrosse team, Don Imus, and now this serve ample evidence that Sharpton seeks to destroy any resistance to his cultural agenda: the humbling of Americans of European descent and their surrender to any political, social, and financial goals that he and his ilk demand. The same people who have attacked the flag and the South have attacked George Washington, all of the Founders, and even the so called Emancipator for their percieved heresies on the issue of race. This latest episode, while minor in scope, serves notice that all of the symbols of a self confident Anglo-Saxon culture are fair game in this Culture War.

Our resistance must be fierce and unwavering. Any attack must be met with moral courage and righteous anger at what Sharpton and Co. seek to do, not just to this country, but to us and our posterity. We will be proud of our heritage, we will not pay one penny in reparations, and we will not apologize for our ancestors. God bless and Deo Vindice.