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Why Senators Must Torpedo the Law of the Sea Treaty

law-of-the-sea-treaty-1.jpgFrom the News Team…

Related Article – Lou Dobbs: Bush says the treaty “will secure U.S. sovereign rights over extensive marine areas, including the valuable natural resources they contain.” The president could not be more wrong.

This treaty will submit the United States to international tribunals largely adverse to our interests, and the dispute resolution mechanisms are stacked against the United States. Sen. Jim DeMint, R-South Carolina, astutely argues that nearly all the signatories “have voted against the United States over half the time [at the United Nations].”

Because I am particularly worried about the erosion of America’s sovereignty, I have researched this issue in an effort to provide you with sound opinion on why this treaty should not be ratified by the senate. June 29, 1982, Ronald Reagan rejected The Law Of The Sea Treaty because of it’s threat to our sovereignty and now the senate is about to ratify it.

This treaty has everything in it. It has money, it has power, it has socialism, national security, world government, oil and global warming. And yet, no one is talking about this “Lawfare” treaty. This treaty will:

• Reduce our power in the world
• Attempt to supersede as, the Vienna Convention may supersede our U.S. laws
• Give the U.N. control of 70% of the world’s surface
• Give the U.N. power to levy fees and royalties on the U.S. to create a new source of revenue for anti-American socialists around the world.
• Gives the U.N. the power to settle disputes
• Gives the U.N. the power to set up a world court run by most likely anti-American foreign judges which would represent the ninth circuit court of appeals in San Francisco

L.O.S.T. is about socialism and the taking away of our Constitution.

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