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Zimbabwe 'running out of bread'

Comment by John Kennedy (New England CofCC)

Mugabe has finally done it, his communist state that nationalized all agriculture officially last year has proved incapable of functioning at a sustainable level. The bakeries have no flower and the people their can’t even make bread. Imagine that, we have been making bread for thousands of years but in this rich agriculturally potent land that most farmers around the world could only dream of harvesting, they are starving to death, literally. Zimbabwe’s tiny white minority used to produce enough food to feed the entire county and have enough left over to export all over the world.

As of October 1st, in Zimbabwe, all white farmers who remain on there farm will be considered trespassing on state property.

“Critics have blamed President Mugabe’s policies, especially the seizure of farms from their former white owners, for ordinary Zimbabweans’ hardship. “

“For his part, President Mugabe has accused foreign governments of trying to interfere in Zimbabwe’s affairs – saying some businesses had raised prices without justification as part of a Western plot to oust him.”

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