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Achievement Gap Summit. News Team

4,000 Bureaucrats and left-wing academics gather in Sacramento to try to explain the black/white achievement gap that just won’t go away.

By Jared Taylor

The black-white achievement gap continues to baffle America’s best minds. Just this week we are being treated to the “Achievement Gap Summit,” a conference in Sacramento, California. It will draw no fewer than 4,000 uplift experts to no fewer than 125 panels. [Summit called to address racial disparities in academic performance , By Nanette Asimov, San Francisco Chronicle, November 12, 2007]

One of the organizers is Jack O’Connell, California’s top bureaucrat for schools. He has announced the bold discovery that lagging black and Hispanic test scores are not caused by poverty alone. The racial gaps in achievement are even greater for middle-class and wealthy children than for poor children, he has found. So, he says, something else must be going on.

Mr. O’Connell has decided the culprit is “cultural ignorance” in the schools. For example, he explains, blacks learn to clap and chant in church, and don’t realize they are not supposed to do this in school. And so they get bad grades.

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