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America at Twilight

By The Unreconstructed Southerner

Looking at America’s latest immigration figures I have the feeling of a man who has been diagnosed with terminal cancer. Immigration is at the highest levels since the 1920’s and sufficed to say our latest immigrants are not from the land of our forefathers. What’s worse, out of the 10.3 million immigrants that have arrived during the Bush presidency, half of them are illegal aliens. America as we know it is on the verge of irreversible change and not change for the better. First World countries are that way because they have First World populations. The same logic can be applied to Third World countries, yet it seems that we are more interested in importing the latter rather then the former. Western suicide is running at full speed ahead with Bush and Co. slashing the wrists of lady Liberty by not only refusing to halt this invasion but openly aiding and abetting.

The Lone Star State and Florida are fast reaching tipping point as half and 1/3 respectively of the two state’s immigrant populations are illegal. With Chicano militants threatening intifadahs the window for rescuing America is fast closing. Unfortunately our political class doesn’t seem to get the urgent nature of our dilemma. We hear John McCain and Rudy Giuliani lecture us that we can’t deport them all. Translation: They don’t want to and are never going to fight to deport our unwelcome guests. And if they don’t and the Third World’s armies of invaders are constantly reinforced then America will die the painful and agonizing death that terminal cancer patients endure.

People truly never learn from history. Rome, Byzantium, Brittainia, all made the same mistakes we are making now. Britain itself is on the verge of being overrun. It would seem that political correctness dictates that we not only tie the noose from which we will be hung but to also meekly cooperate by inserting our head into the circle of death. Well I never earned a knot tying badge from the Boy Scouts and I don’t surrender my country and my heritage without taking all honorable courses of resistance. For those wondering what they can do to save their country, join us. We have fought against this illegal flood, affirmative action, and all the other elixers of poision handed down from our elites as a mandatory prescription. We are unashamed of our race, our culture, and our heritage. No other people on Earth has created what we have and it wasn’t by the machincations of our brains alone. It came from the blessings of God through the revelation of Jesus Christ. While we stand tall in this world, we bow down humbly on our knees before Him in thanks for what we have been given.

If you want to make a difference, then join with the organization that has been fighting for decades for the cause of Middle America. The CofCC has won battles on affirmative action, immigration, and Southern heritage. Join now and I assure you that you shall not regret it.