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America's Most Dangerous Cities: The Correlation Between Minorities and Crime

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

2007 is almost over and as it ends CQ Press has today released it’s 14th edition of America’s 15 Most Dangerous Cities. In viewing the statistics and findings a natural question came to me in regards to the question of race and it’s relationship to the high crime rates in these cities. The New Century Foundation in the “Color of Crime” released findings that detailed the direct correlation between race and crime. The findings are devastating to the multicultural types out there as they don’t even bother refuting them and if they do they only mention poverty in passing. The fact is that the statistics show without a doubt that minorities are more prone to crime then whites and Asians. And even then Asians are more likely to be involved with gangs then whites.

The following chart I prepared using offical US Census date of the cities examined in the study shows the proportion to the population that blacks and Hispanics represent in these cities selected by CQ as the most dangerous. The study, which you can link to here takes all of the crime rates and through tallying up the numbers of various crimes (murder, rape, assault, theft, ect.) we get our findings.

15. Youngston, Ohio: Black-44% Hispanic-5% *
14. Compton, California: Black-40% Hispanic-57% *
13. Little Rock, Arkansas: Black-55% Hispanic-2% *
12. Baltimore, Maryland: Black-64% Hispanic-1.7% *
11. Orlando, Florida: Black-26.7% Hispanic- 17.79%
10. Cleveland, Ohio: Black-51% Hispanic-7.26% *
9. Richmond, California: Black-36.06% Hispanic-26.53% *
8. Memphis, Tennessee: Black-61% Hispanic-3% *
7. North Charleston, South Carolina: Black-49% Hispanic-4% *
6. Birmingham, Alabama: Black-73% Hispanic-1.5% *
5. Camden, New Jersey: Black-53.5% Hispanic-38.82% *
4. Oakland, California: Black-35.6% Hispanic-21.89%*
3. Flint, Michigan: Black-53.27% Hispanic-3%*
2. St. Louis, Missouri: Black-51.2% Hispanic-2% *
1. Detroit, Michigan: Black-82.7% Hispanic-4.9% *

(*)-Whites are a Minority in these cities.
These numbers reflect the official 2000 US Census. As a result Hispanics are underrepresented and illegal aliens not reflected in these numbers.

Looking at these findings we see that only in Orlando, Fl are whites still a majority, albeit with Florida’s shifting demographics it’s hard to tell how long these circumstances will last. Lest anyone wonder where New Orleans is, while it was not included in the Top 15 New Orleans still has the highest murder rate of any city in the nation and that was just as of April.

The point of analyzing this exercise is that America’s overall demographics are shifting to where all of our major cities will begin to look like these 15 featured. We already know that minorities are more prone to crime then whites. The ADL and SPLC tells us that this is all due to poverty which affects minority communities much more then whites. Yet crunching the education numbers one sees that there are only two logical conclusions. Either A. minorities through genetics are prone to different behaviors or achievement levels or B. minorities have been dealt a bad hand and are simply overrepresented in terms of poverty and bad education. Following either train of thought, the engineers of our current demographic crisis are insane in the purest sense of the word. Through 3rd World Immigration we are importing a new and massive underclass that won’t be a minority much longer. With our already struggling black underclass, can we afford to bring in more? In the final analysis, time is running out as those cold calculating numbers turn ever more irrevocably against us. If something doesn’t give anytime soon then our hometowns and communities will look more like these cities. Then the final question becomes, where is there for us to run to?