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America's Safest Cities: Less Diversity, More Safety

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Yesterday we looked at America’s 15 most dangerous cities and how 14 out the 15 were minority majority cities with Detroit, the most dangerous, having a black population making up over 80% of the population. To be certain the city fathers of Detroit were unhappy with this distinction and sent out their black female chief of police to berate the media for reporting a fact we have all known. Well unlike the bought and paid for media the CofCC believes in telling the entire truth behind these findings. To be fair and honest it is only fitting that we examine the racial demographics behind America’s Top 15 safest cities. Is diversity truly a strength as we are told? Let’s have the empirical evidence speak for itself once again using population figures from the US Census from the year 2000.

15. Lake Forest, California-Whites:76.02 %, Blacks: 1.83%, Hispanics: 4.24%
14. Dover, New Jersey-Whites: 93.57%, Blacks: 1.75%, Hispanics: 4.5%
13. Round Rock, Texas-Whites: 76%, Blacks: 7.7%, Hispanics: 22.1%
12. Orem, Utah-Whites: 90.8%, Blacks: 0.3%. Hispanics: 8.56%
11. Thousand Oaks, California– Whites: 85.09%, Blacks:0.54%, Hispanics: 13.1%
10. Coral Springs, Florida– Whites: 81.5%, Blacks: 9.16%, Hispanics: 15.1%
9. Greece, New York– Whites: 93.37%, Blacks: 2%, Hispanics: 2.5%
8. Cary, North Carolina– Whites: 82.17%, Blacks: 6.15%, Hispanics: 4.28%
7. Irvine, California– Whites: 61.06%, Blacks: 1.45%, Hispanics: 7.37%
6. Colonie, New York– Whites: 90.5%, Blacks: 3.96%, Hispanics: 1.86%
5. Troy, Michigan– Whites: 82.3%, Blacks: 2.09%, Hispanics: 1.46%
4. Newton, Massachussetts-Whites: 88.07%, Blacks: 1.97%, Hispanics: 2.52%
3. Mission Viejo, California-Whites: 83%, Blacks: 1.15%, Hispanics: 12.10%
2. Amherst, New York– Whites: 89.28%, Blacks: 3.9%, Hispanics: 1.36%
1. Brick, New Jersey– Whites: 95.81%, Blacks: 0.9%, Hispanics: 3.85%

For the purpose of this analysis as well I included links to the town governments of each city to give you a hint of the makeup of all the governing officials. All of the mayors are white, the majority of each city council is white (Round Rock Texas has 1 Hispanic council member and Lake Forest, California has 1 black council member). Only in 6 of these cities do blacks and Hispanics add up to double digit percentages of the total population. The diversity mongers may not like these numbers but they are hard/impossible to argue with. It goes to prove that when men like Jared Taylor and others in this proud organization state that more diversity isn’t better, they know exactly what they are talking about.