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Black Radicals Fight to Whitewash North Carolina History

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

“He who controls the past controls the future.” This is painfully obvious with the total whitewash of history by black radicals who have virtually deified Martin Luther King and aren’t far behind with Elijah Mohammad and Malcolm X. Now rewriting the Second Reconstruction (1954-present) doesn’t seem to be enough for the Marxist-inspired radicals of the NAACP. They now have their sights set on my home State, specifically Wilmington, NC and the events surrounding violence that erupted in 1898.

Nothing makes me angrier than attacking my home, and I know this sentiment is shared by each and every member of our movement—and we have marched to the sound of the guns. I do so now to do what little I can to bring the truth to light of what really happened in Wilmington, NC on November 10, 1898.

According to the NAACP, the corporate-owned media, and politically correct academics, a bunch of angry white bigots stormed into Wilmington, burnt down the black owned newspaper’s headquarters, and killed some people—the end, case closed. It didn’t quite happen that way; and just as what happened in Jena, LA came to light, so did the truth for Wilmington.

Wilmington, NC, as the entire South did, suffered from the scourge of Radical Republican Reconstruction which saw the disenfranchisement of whites and carpetbaggers exercising political leverage via the black voting bloc. The departure of the Federal occupiers didn’t mean the political hacks that had enabled them had left either. One of their principal enablers was Alexander Manly, a black radical whose newspaper caused much discord in Wilmington.

Manly was widely regarded by the citizens of Wilmington and the State as a rogue and scoundrel. It was his August, 1898 editorial defaming white women that set the stage for a showdown. His editorial stated that “poor white men are careless in the matter of protecting their women,” and that  “our experience among poor white people in the country teaches us that women of that race are not any more particular in the matter of clandestine meetings with colored men than the white men with the colored women.” This lewd and outrageous editorial inflamed the citizens of Wilmington and North Carolina as a whole.

The situation came to a head when on November 10, 1898 the citizens of the town, led by US Congressman and Condeferate veteran Alfred Waddell, went to shut down the paper. While Manly and his associates chose to leave town, Manly’s supporters opened fire on Waddell and his men. The ensuing firefight and subsequent skirmishes left 3 whites wounded and 11 of Manly’s supporters dead. The scalawag government was legally ousted and order was restored to Wilmington. Even the Republican legislature of the time acknowledged the legality of the actions and recognized the legitimate transfer of power from the Radicals to the Reform movement. The main point to be emphasized was that there was absolutely no race riot that saw blacks attacked in an unprovoked manner. The citizens of Wilmington merely responded when fired upon and rested on their arms as soon as the fight was over and not one second later.

However, the local Wilmington newspaper, which is coincidently owned by the New York Times, is now attempting to use these events to promote more white abasement and rewrite them as a violent race riot seeking to run Negroes out of town and slaughter those who got in the bigots’ way. Not an original theme to be sure and one that is long worn out as a whip to promote the political agenda of those seeking to subjugate the Middle American majority. Now the NC NAACP is attempting to intimidate their bread-givers in the State Democratic Party to change the name of their annual dinner (Vance-Aycock), because Governor Aycock supported the actions of the Wilmington citizenry and rose to power as a result.

Governor Vance too shall be a casualty of this attempted drive-by murder of our history for his role in the Confederacy. I can only wonder what names the NAACP will allow the Democrats to name their dinner.

According to the NC NAACP chair William Barber, our society is “starved” for  justice until we make amends. Well, society will just have to order takeout. We are not content to spend one second on our knees abasing ourselves for crimes not committed and “wrongs” that weren’t wrongs. The lies of the Marxist-inspired NAACP and their allies will not make fantasy reality and won’t make us any more subservient to them. Every inch of ground in this Culture War is precious. Our enemies aren’t far from pushing us and our entire nation right over the cliff.

Wilmington stands next to Jena as a city whose name has been dragged through the mud for the purposes of promoting a political agenda that is as alien to our culture as it is harmful. We must- through this website, our newspaper, and outreach- recapture our history because it is paramount that our people know the truth. The poisonous cup that we’ve been given to drink by our elites and enemies is taking effect all over our nation. Only when we know the truth can we ever hope to regain our confidence in ourselves to do the work that needs doing. Page by page, school by school, block by block, we can and we must take our country back.