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Leftist Student at SIU, Brandon Allen, attacks Southern Heritage


From the News Team…

Allison Petty:

To some, it represents a region, an era or a heritage. But to others, it symbolizes an attitude.

To Brandon Allen, the Confederate flag is more than just a piece of cloth.

Allen, an Undergraduate Student Government senator representing Brush Towers, has written a USG resolution calling for the university to ban non-faculty employees from wearing clothing that depicts the flag.

Allen said he was offended when he noticed maintenance workers in a university vehicle wearing shirts and bandannas emblazoned with the flag. He said he talked to other students and discovered many were upset after witnessing similar occurrences. Allen said he and other students viewed the flag as a symbol of hate, racism and white supremacy.

Senators on the Undergraduate Student Government voted on Allen’s resolution Wednesday evening. It did not pass.

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