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Did Jena 6 families pocket a half million? News Team

Following a brutal racially motivated beating of a white teenage boy by six blacks, the media and several far-left organizations re-invented the perpetrators of the crime as victims of “white racism.”

As we reported on before, the story has blown up in their faces. ABC National News even admitted that many elements of the story propagated by the left wing were fabrications. Several left-wing groups held fundraisers for the families, and individual family members collected donations on their own as well.

Now there is a question as to what happened to the hundreds of thousands of dollars believed to have been donated to the Jena 6 by the left wing. An estimated half million has been received by family members. Attorneys (who have been provided to the families for free) say they have yet to receive any part of the donations.

The left-wing group Friends of Justice wants to know how the money they raised is being spent, while Color of Change is even threatening a lawsuit against one of the defendants’ fathers over the money it raised.

The NAACP reports that donations have nearly stopped and the remaining funds would be given directly to the attorneys instead of the families. Families members are refusing to reveal exactly.

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