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Family wants money for Tawana Brawley Hoax. News Team

amd_brawleyhoax.jpgFamily of Tawana Brawley want money for infamous hoax. “We should be millionaires,” say parents.

Ralph King, Tawana’s stepfather who served seven years in prison for killing his first wife, and second wife Glenda want the state of New York to re-open the the case involving their daughter.

Brawley claimed six white men, including police officers raped and tortured her in 1987. Louis Farrakhan and Al Sharpton championed her claim and turned it into a media circus.

Brawley had been missing four days, allegedly found unresponsive near her apartment, and taken to a hospital. However, a thorough examination found no evidence of rape or sexual assault. She also had no bruises or other injuries. Witnesses saw her at a party during the four days she was allegedly missing. In fact, during the examination by the hospital they found that she has brushed her teeth shortly before she was taken to the hospital. Other aspects of her story were found to be false as well.

In 1988, when a grand jury found that their was no evidence, the family fled to Virginia with a $300,000 “defense fund.” Tawana Brawley began calling herself Maryam Muhammad, and became a spokeswoman for a black nationalist group called United African Movements which was co-founded by Al Sharpton.

Attorney Alton Maddox was disbarred over the case. Al Sharpton was sued for defamation and ordered to pay $345,000 in damages (it is unclear if he ever paid it). The family of Tawana was sued for defamation and ordered to pay $185,000, which they never had. To this day, there is a warrant for the arrest of Ralph King and Glenda Brawley for contempt of court in New York.

Emboldened by the Jena 6 fiasco, the family wants the case re-opened and in their own words “we should be millionaires.”