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Feds raid Liberty Dollar site in Idaho. News Team

At least one other site has been raided in connection to the Liberty Dollar. Idaho news reports that feds raided Sunshine minting in Idaho and seized property related to the Liberty Dollar. Another raid has either occured or is eminent in Ashville, NC.

From Evansville Courier…

But von NotHaus said those charges are baseless and that he looks forward to defending himself, and the Liberty Dollar, in court.

“I see this as a golden opportunity to go into court and vindicate the Liberty Dollar as being legal and being the solution to our great country’s monetary problems,” von NotHaus said. “This is going to be a big trial. We’re going to be putting Evansville on the map. Because money is going to be on trial right there in Evansville.”

“I’m sure he wants to arrest me,” he said. “If not now, then pretty soon … But I’m not hiding out. They don’t have to bomb me. All they have to do is call me and I’ll surrender.”

Criminal case documents had not yet been filed in U.S. District Court in Evansville Friday morning and there was no immediate confirmation from federal authorities on when van NotHaus will be indicted.

When he is, he said it could be the start of a major shift in monetary policy.

“If we win this case, the liberty dollar is going to be huge,” he said.