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Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers battle each other at after-party. News Team

A small army of campus and state police had to respond to an after-party for the Harvard Society of Black Scientists and Engineers. The party followed a Halloween dance conducted by the society.

The Staff is sure that race-based admissions at Harvard had nothing to do with the melee, but at some point during the night the party turned into a giant fight.

From the Harvard Crimson…

“As soon as the fight broke out inside, we approached the DJ, asked him to turn off the music, and turned on the lights,” Harvard University police officer Smith said.

As additional brawls broke out in the Lowell courtyard, over 20 police patrol cars were deployed to the scene, including six state police cruisers and several Cambridge and HUPD cars.

“The next thing I know, there’s a massive fight in the courtyard, and all of a sudden I saw the police trying to break up the fight,” Whitfield said. “At this point, everybody was screaming because this was the second fight in a row. The police said, ‘everybody needs to get out of this courtyard,’ and people finally started listening and everybody started to run out of the main gate.”

“At this point, I see this sea of blue and white lights, and state troopers, police dogs, and the ambulances came. As we’re out there, more fights were happening. It looked so crazy. I have never seen anything like that,” Whitfield added.

Harvard’s “model” race-based admissions program.