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Hispanics Threatening Intifada in Our Streets

By The Unreconstructed Southerner

For those who haven’t read Tom Chittum’s Civil War 2, I urge you to read it as it promotes a view of the future of America that is both relevant and crucial for us to understand. For those who have read Chittum’s book this story will sound like it is ripped fresh from the pages.

According to Andres Oppenheimer of the San Jose Mercury we are being too tough on illegal aliens. So tough, in fact, that we might provoke open resistance, outright lawlessness, and all out race war. Now I wish I could go to a country and collect services, have free healthcare, tax free paychecks, and affirmative action working for me then still have the gall to threaten violence if the natives didn’t like it. Our government and every employer who hires illegal aliens is to blame for this. Hispanics, and perhaps the Mexican government, now feel emboldened enough to threaten open violence against U.S. citizens. Mexico has done more to undermine America then any nation since the Soviet Union. Now their shock troops are fixing to give us a taste of the brew that our politicians, Big Business, and the ethnic lobby have concocted for us.

This is a very dangerous step. It’s one thing to commit drive bys, rapes, and gang murders at a dispraportionate rate to your share of the population, but now outright racial violence is being spoken outloud. Even the Southern Poverty Law Center can’t ignore that Hispanics are ethnically cleansing neighborhoods of Los Angeles block by block as their numbers grow. Many of the veteran members of this movement remember our cities in flames in the 1960’s thanks to black radicals and their “comrades in arms” supporters. Now we are being threatened with that specter again. Remember when the Watts riots took place in LA that whites were still the majority? Now they are a besieged minority with blacks already feeling the wrath of our Hispanic invaders. How long before scenes like this come to Texas or New Mexico? How about Chicago and New York where Latinos are very powerful politically?

This prescedent should serve as a warning for those who believe illegal immigration is benign. These poor helpless immigrants aren’t actually so helpless and are indeed a growing tumor in America. The time has come to wake up for the darkness is coming and unless we stop it, America will not be America and the scenes we see on our TV coming from Baghdad will be in our own cities.