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How the Republican Press Undermines Conservatives

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

It’s no secret that Fox News, talk radio, and their ilk have dealt the conservative movement a fatal blow. Their rush to embrace the president on the War in Iraq, excusing the attacks on our civil liberties, and faux engagement in the Culture War has fooled too many people into thinking they are good conservatives if they believe according to a prearranged check list. The sad fact is that the list seems to have been prepared by Karl Rove who was only concerned if you had an (R) beside your name and towed the White House line. Millions of self proclaimed conservatives march to the tune of Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, ect which has relegated conservatism as a movement to a shell of it’s former self. Only when this fact is acknowledged can our movement advance and take the fight to our enemies.

A key case in point regarding the Republican media is the Republican presidential primary and Senate race in South Carolina. In people like Ron Paul, Tom Tancredo, and Dr. Witherspoon we find candidates who are heart and soul right wingers of character. However such men will not do for the Republican media as power is the goal, not results. How people like Hannity sleep at night while calling themselves “Reagan conservatives” but are perfectly comfortable endorsing a pro-choice, pro gay rights, and anti-gun mayor of New York City is beyond me. In South Carolina the media circles the wagons around Lindsey Graham who is Ted Kennedy’s favorite Republican and the worst of the worst promoting amnesty. However he is to be defended against true right wingers like Dr. Witherspoon for reasons that are beyond comprehension.

We are not and will never be good Republicans for we are loyal to our heritage, loyal to our faith, and loyal to our brethren. This makes us racists according to the Newt Gingrich Republicans of the world who seize the right wing mantle while capitulating in every regard to the ideological and intellectual premises of the Left. It would be a betrayal but they were never loyal to the talking points they spew out. Just like Lincoln the state is their God and power their sacrement and principle has no place in their faith. Thankfully their are still people brave enough to stand up and be heard and rest assured we will be heard in these primaries and next election. The Republicans can’t hope to stay in power without us so sooner or later the Stupid Party will have to go looking for Oz to donate a brain to them. Such a day can’t come too soon.