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IQ differences in race are "largely genetic" says medical publication. News Team

The American Psychological Association published a study in 2005 showing that IQ differences along racial lines are more genetic than the result of environment.

It also points to tests using state of the art MRI brain scans were used to show that High IQ reflects larger brain sizes with more neurons synapses. The study finds a consistent correlation between the makeup of the brain as a result of genetics and with IQ.

The study also shows that the average IQ of American black, who have a large percentage of Caucasian admixture, mimics the average IQ of South Africa’s racially mixed “coloreds.” Both American blacks and South African Coloreds have an average IQ around 85, which is 15 above the average for Sub-Saharan Africans and 15 points below the average for whites.

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Photo Above: Picture of the “Cape Cod Coloreds,” urbanized South Africans who have significant admixture of British, Dutch, and Indian(from India) blood. The “coloreds” constitute about 10% of the population of South Africa. Their average IQ mimics American blacks (who also have a large Caucasian admixture) and not other Sub-Saharan Africans.

Related: The book IQ and Wealth of Nations by Dr. Richard Lynn and Dr. Tatu Vanhanen, father of the Finnish Prime Minister, studies the average IQ of 81 countries around the world. The top 10 countries with the highest average IQs are all in the Pacific Rim and Europe. The bottom 10 are all located in Sub-Saharan Africa. In countries like Jamaica, where the population is of Sub-Saharan decent with little to no Caucasian admixture, the average IQ is similar to that of the Sub-Sahara.