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Miami Herald says illegally crossing the border no worse than speeding. News Team

(by Kyle Rogers)

Hispanics will go on the warpath, but it will be the fault of conservatives for whatever violence they commit. Or so we are told by Miami Herald staff writer Andres Oppenheimer.

The Miami Herald is known for printing far left commentaries. One of their latest predicts widespread immigrant violence similar to the widespread race riots in France and the Palestinian intifadas of the 90’s. However, they blame conservatives who want to enforce the law for this upcoming violence.

The Miami Herald piece blames those who want border security for causing illegal aliens to have “post-traumatic stress disorder,” which will lead to an “Hispanic intifada that may rock this nation in the not-so-distant future.”

Of course the Miami Herald piece does not point out that if they believe Hispanics will become so violent that is all the more reason to crack down on illegal aliens now before it is too late.

The piece also says illegal aliens only “violated a rule,” and claims that speeding on the highway is worst than anything most illegals will ever do. It doesn’t mention the study by US Rep Steven King that Illegal Aliens kill about a dozen people per day in drunk driving accidents and murder more people each year than all the victims who died in 911.