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NAACP attacks crime victims, defends thugs, in savage hate crime. News Team

Three black men broke into a home at 4:00 am looking for items to steal. They encountered a 21 year old resident, Dale Lafferty, and brutally beat him with a baseball bat. The homeowner and stepfather of the man being beaten came to the rescue. He shot and killed two of the invaders, while a third invader fled. The surviving thug is being charged with murder under California’s Proactive Act. Dale Lafferty was severely injured and has brain damage. He now lives in a rehabilitation center and can not feed himself. The assault has all the elements of a “hate crime.”

The local NAACP is crying racism. Rev. Amos Brown, head of the San Francisco chapter of the NAACP, wants officials to arrest the homeowner and drop charges against the thug. The mother of the thug called the case a “legal lynching.”

Once again lives are torn apart, by the acts of vicious thugs, and the NAACP races to defend the perpetrators and cry “racism.”

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