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Republicans Debate on CNN Tonight


From the News Team…

The next Republican debate can be seen tonight; Wednesday November 28th on CNN, along with quesions submitted via video by interested citizens. The CNN/YouTube promo for the debate reads as follows:

Watch the Republican candidates answer YOUR questions on live TV!You’ve watched the candidates on YouTube. You’ve submitted your video questions. Now watch the Republican candidates answer your questions on LIVE TV this Wednesday night!

Apparently the Main Stream Media thinks that the American people are smart enough to ask questions, but they’re not smart enough to determine which ones should take center stage.

From Wired Magazine:

As Republican presidential contenders brace for Wednesday’s CNN-YouTube debate, the executive in charge of the event is unapologetic about his decision to put mainstream journalists in charge of deciding which user-contributed YouTube videos the candidates will actually face on the air.

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Click Here to watch the debates tonight at 8:00 pm Eastern – 7:00 pm Central Time