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Reuters Poll, AOL Article Boost Huckabee… but Ron Paul Leads in AOL Poll!


Political pundits at AOL must be hang-jawed after a Reuters poll, an AOL article, and an accompanying AOL poll all yielded different answers to the same question: Who is the leading Republican Presidential candidate?  

The November 21 AOL article entitled “Huckabee Gains Ground in GOP Race” cited a Reuters/Zogby poll which put Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee ahead of Mitt Romney and gaining on Fred Thompson. Former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani was ahead of all other contenders by at least 10 percentage points, according to the Reuter/Zogby poll.

Yet on the same page as the article, a national AOL poll indicated voters favored Ron Paul over Rudy Giuliani by 4 percent. Even more surprising was the vast difference between the number of Reuters/Zogby participants compared with the multitude that voted in the AOL poll.

Reuter/Zogby queried 503 Republicans to arrive at statistics that gave Giuliani a wide lead over Thompson and the other contenders. The AOL poll, however, drew over 200,000 participants, with those voting Republican favoring Ron Paul.