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The Political Epitaph of Trent Lott

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

It was announced today that Mississippi Senator Trent Lott is retiring from the US Senate by the end of this year. It is without any doubt that the media will attempt to cast Lott’s legacy as tarnished for his comments praising Senator Strom Thurmond’s 1948 presidential run. While it was this episode in Lott’s career that is a main reason for us to remember him, it was his response and that of his Republican colleagues in the Senate that is our main focus. When Trent Lott stated that America would’ve been better off had Strom Thurmond been elected in 1948 he was dead on right. Had the constitutional perogatives of the states been left as our Founders had intended then this nation would be in infinitely better shape today. Any so called ‘conservative’ who denies this denies fact and is simply attempting to get beyond race which is impossible as it is an intrinsic part of human nature.

In 2002 however such comments were heresy and prompted a political pile on that cost Lott his position as Senate Majority Leader. It was not his ouster which was the main disgrace, though indeed it is indicative of the character of George Bush, Karl Rove, and the Senate Republicans who turned their backs on Lott. Trent could still have at least walked away with his dignity by standing up for his comments, defending his vote against establishing Martin Luther King day, and been a man of principle if not a man in power. But Lott instead wanted power and influence, and so he crawled on his belly and pandered to the politically correct masses. Going on BET and other ethnic outlets he begged and pleaded for mercy that was not forthcoming. Senator Lott could only hope that his efforts would bear fruit in time. Indeed he was to be rewarded for his pandering as in 2006 the Republican buddy system saw him returned to a position of power as Minority Whip. His betrayal of his principles, his constituents, and his very manhood was not over however.

In 2007 Senator Lott joined the Senatorial clique that attempted to force amnesty for illegal aliens down the throat of the American people. He lashed out at conservatives opposed to the deal in a manner rivaling but not surpassing that of Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC). The people of Mississippi protested outside of his office’s back home for the man who had surrendered unconditionally to the demands of the Beltway crowd. It was all for naught as the American people sent amnesty crashing down in humiliating defeat. Gone was his relevance and now gone is his career. He does go on to a profitable post-Senate existence as officials state that he has “opportunities” to pursue. What gaineth a man if he should gain the whole world and loose his soul Christ asked of us. And so we ask Trent Lott, is it worth it? Was it worth abdicating your manhood for power and betraying your constituents for cash when it came to amnesty? Trent Lott ought not be remembered for a statement that he made which was totally correct. What he should be remembered for was his prostration in the aftermath of those comments and as just another politician who got to Washington and forgot where he came from.