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The Sellout of the Religious Right and the Neutering of 'Dog' Chapman

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

If there is one undeniable theme of the GOP primary contest it is the total abdication of the principles of the leadership of the Religious Right. Bob Jones III and Paul Weyrich have endorsed the chameleon candidacy of former Massachussetts governor Mitt Romney. Now the latest major endorsement comes from Pat Robertson who has picked Rudy Giuliani in what can be termed as a Faustian bargain to retain a seat at the table of power. The Republican Party as a whole seems poised to sell it’s soul if it means victory over Hillary Clinton so this endorsement should come as no surprise. It is indicative of the state of the Religious Right in America that after the hell, fire, and brimstone rhetoric of a Democrat victory in 2004 that they now embrace candidates who promoted the social agenda of the Left. With the exception of leaders like Dr. Chuck Baldwin the Religious Right has nothing to offer except an echo of the Republican Party leadership. One might ask Mr. Robertson if he is willing to march in the next gay pride parade with Mayor Giuliani as he did while mayor of New York? He might feel at home in such a gathering which no longer makes any pretense of having moral fiber or principle.

The other story of interest is the tear jerker of an apology made by ‘Dog’ Chapman who was turned into the thought police by his own flesh and blood. For saying one of society’s forbidden words in a private conversation, Dog has now had his show suspended and condemned by everyone under the sun. The worst part of this whole ordeal was Dog’s apology last night in an interview with pretend conservative Sean Hannity. In the interview Dog broke down in tears and proclaimed he would be willing to commit suicide to take back the hurt he caused by saying the N-word. Can anyone believe that it has come to this? Dog Chapman has been convicted as an assesory to murder in the past, but the unforgivable sin is now saying a forbidden word in private conversation. Minorities in society are watching this folks and I can just imagine them salivating at this display of white abasement. When offended the minority clan now automatically expects a tribute of earth and water because of the actions of people like Dog Chapman. Their dream is the day that all white society, just like Dog, breaks down in tears and begs forgiveness for all past wrongs. And then they will demand tribute until they are the ones with the whip in hand and called master. The question for us is this, are we going to surrender and cry like Dog Chapman?