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Toss The Law of the Sea Treaty Overboard


From the News Team…

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee approved the Law of the Sea Treaty (“LOST”) by a vote of 17-4 and sent it to the Senate to vote it up or down. President Bush has said he will sign it. As with all treaties, LOST will become the “law of the land” if approved by the Senate and signed by the president; this means it will supersede all other federal and state laws.

Many thought LOST was lost when Ronald Reagan rejected it; no one thought a Republican president would resurrect it. A major problem is that the Law of the Sea Treaty has 320 articles and nine annexes. It is unlikely that senators, and even the president, have read all 320 articles to know what they are signing the United States on to.

Should the United Nations have authority to levy taxes? If you don’t think so, read Article 13 of the third Annex of the treaty which gives the treaty-formed “International Seabed Authority” the authority to tax as much as 70 percent of the net proceeds of enterprises engaged in underwater seabed mining, as well as the ability to levy annual million dollar “administrative fees.”

About 154 countries have adopted the treaty; how many of these do you suppose are of the economic and military stature of the United States? The treaty was rejected over twenty years ago by our government that did not want to grant the corrupt United Nations control over 70 percent of the planet’s surface, the senate should reject it now.

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