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Univ. of Delaware Retreats From War on Whites

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

Someone better hurry and console Morris Dees and Abe Foxman, the University of Delaware has halted it’s mandatory diversity program that advocated hatred of whites and denied that minorities are even capable of racism. Someone might not want to mention that to the families of Channon Christian and Chris Newsom, the Long Beach assault victims, the families of the Witchita Massacre victims, and example after example of minorites murdering and attacking whites in a manner that can only be described as barbaric. This program is currently dead but could be brought back if proper pressure is not maintained on the institution. It was a pleasure to call the university president and director of Residence Life and I salute each and everyone who made calls advocating the end of the program. Your pressure has worked and must be kept up.

This Marxist program is another example of the poisonous legacy of the Frankfurt School and it’s hatred of anything Christian and Europeans in general. The march of the School’s ideology has been prominent in American politics and society and has made this organization a necessity as American Christians of European descent have no true defenders in politics. It has been taboo to speak in the interest of our kind for far too long, but fear not as times are changing.

A prominent reason that the school cancelled the program was the opposition of students. This is heartening to see that young people are becoming more active and resistant to the Marxist indoctrination within our education system. A backlash is building in this country as whites are victimized day in and day out by minorites who’s crimes are then excused by an apologetic media. Because really they are not to blame, society is to blame because they tell us that their mommies and daddies didn’t tuck them in at night and now they’re mad at folks. With Imus fired over nothing, 6 black teens excused for nearly beating a white classmate to death, and now blatant attempts to blame whites for every bad thing in the world it is clear that more and more people are fed up.

This is a victory, but as many have said of other such triumphs it is a defensive triumph. It is high time we took the offensive in the Culture Wars and remind everyone that we are indeed proud of our race and heritage and took our country back.