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Whites in Howard Beach, NYC rally for hate crime charges. News Team

Over one hundred whites from the Howard Beach neighborhood in New York City rallied Saturday night to demand that police charge black and Hispanic thugs with hate crime charges after a racially-motivated assault on two white teenage boys on Halloween.

Demonstators marched up 57th street and chanted “enough is enough,” referring to a rash of  anti-white assaults in the area. People also chanted “free Nick Municci.” Last year Nick Municci caught a black man attempting to steal a car in Howard Beach. Municci chased the man with a baseball bat and struck him in the arm. The would-be thief suffered a bruise, but required no medical attention. While the black suspect admitted in court that was was trying to steal a car, he was never charged with a crime. Municci was sentenced to 15 years in jail for felony hate crime charges. Read letter from Maria Municci about case.

Once again, the media is completely ignoring anti-white crimes. The only publication that seems to have covered the Saturday night rally is the New York Daily, which printed a tiny blurb with anti-white agit-prop attacking white people.