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Who is Al Sharpton to accuse others of "hate?" News Team

Al Sharpton held another march for the Jena 6 today, calling it a march against “hate.” People in the march could be seen waving the black supremacist and black separatist flags.

In 1998 Al Sharpton co-organized a rally in Harlem with Dr. Khallid Muhammad. Muhammad was well known for violent rhetoric and advocating a racial holy war against white people in the name of Allah. In fact, Louis Farrakhan had already removed Muhammad from a leadership in the Nation of Islam for his violent rhetoric. In 1999 Dr. Khallid Muhammad returned to Harlem for a second rally and listed Al Sharpton on a press release as endorsing the rally.

In 2001 Muhammad died of a brain hemorrhage. Al Sharpton rushed to the hospital to be at his death bed, then gave his family $5,000 for his funeral. A 2003 Rally in Harlem held in honor of Muhammad and Zimbabwe Dictator Mugabe, also listed Al Sharpton as having endorsed the event on an official press release.

To see copies of the press releases, click here.

See what Al Sharpton’s good friend Dr. Khallid Muhammad has to say about race relations.

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