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"Youths" Attack French Police in Paris Suburb

Immigrant “youths” confront French police

A mob described only as “youths” attacked a police station in Villiers-le-Bel, France, injuring 21 policemen including the police chief.  The unidentified “youths” also burned cars and looted stores during a weekend of mayhem.

The riot recalled the rampage by Muslim and black “youths” that raised havoc throughout France in 2005. The violence led to a national crisis over third world immigration that resulted in the election of Nicholas Sarkozy as prime minister. Sarkozy advocates stricter immigation controls and a tough stance on immigrant crime and militancy. 

While police expect more violence, the mayor of Villier-le-Bel, Didier Vaillant, is pleading for peace and has urged the government to conduct an immediate investigation into the riot and its causes.

The “youth” rampage is being blamed on a fatal accident involving a motorcycle and a police car. Two “youths” were killed in the crash.  According to police, the motorcycle was driven recklessly before smashing into the squad car. Neither “youth” was wearing a helmet nor was the cycle registered.

The Socialists reacted with typical leftist fervor. Francois Hollande blamed the riots on the Sarkozy government and “a social and political crisis” brought on by a failure to address immigrant poverty and crime.