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2008 a Tipping Point for European-Americans

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

There has been alot of reflection with the New Year just around the corner. 2007 was indeed a year for the history books and we can take much satisfaction from our successes and pushing the envelope on the issues most important for our people. However the war for America is far from over and came within an eyelash of being lost this past summer. The United States Senate came within a few votes of approving amnesty for our Third World invaders in a move that would’ve literally signed our nation’s death warrant. It was only because of the righteous anger of so many of our people that we turned back the tide and kept this from happening. 2008 portends much more struggle as the two party duopoly wages war while not really offering any true change unless that is that Ron Paul were to win the GOP nomination. The true struggle is that this year may be among the last to reclaim our nation’s destiny at the ballot box as demographics are straining America to a breaking point.

In 2007 we saw European-Americans sink to 66% of the total population in the United States. While progress has been made on the immigration front with tough laws being passed in Arizona, Georgia, and Oklahoma there are still millions of illegal aliens. To make matters worse Hispanics who are actually citizens are shifting ever more torwards politicians promising amnesty to their ethnic cohorts. With their share of the population expanding Hispanics have the power to shift the elections in California, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. 2008 may be the last year a candidate who wishes to seal the borders can win the presidency before all 6 of these states are beyond winning for any person running on such a platform. It is imperative that our organization and our people pressure our states and local authorities to crack down now while there is still time.

Throughout the past two decades we have also seen the castration of American industry as our national government has done what would be considered an act of war if done to us by anyone else. As the next economic recession looms we must remember that we need someone, anyone who will stand up for America and our workers who have been cast aside in favor of Third World labor here and abroad. We can’t all work at Wal Mart and still maintain the standard of living our country has been always known for which is a point that seems to be lost on the White House and Congress. The president has gotten free trade with Peru passed and seems hell bent on getting more deals with Colombia and South Korea. These deals must be stopped this year if we are to embark on the long hard journey of rebuilding the American economy.

While there are so many other issues of concern to European-Americans this coming year I believe that immigration and the economy will be of the greatest concern to our people. Without jobs and the resources to keep our families fed and cared for then our country will be very vulnerable to the centralized power schemes of the Washington elite. And while we may be able to attack nations thousands of miles away, demographics are among the hardest trends to reverse once set in motion. Does anyone believe that our politicians have the fortitude to tell the children of illegal aliens born in this country that they can’t go to our schools or vote when they show up? The New Year’s resolution for us must be to build upon our successes of the last year and begin the long march back to reclaiming America. Any less ambitious a resolution runs the risk that there might not be an America left for our children and grandchildren when it comes our time to pass the torch. Let 2008 be our year to stand up for America and shelter her through the storms of the 21st Century.