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70% of Nigerien women say rapes, beatings are "normal." News Teams

A human rights group did a study of women in Niger that paints a grim picture of the African country. Seventy percent of women said that the rape and/or beating of a women is “normal” in this African country.

Women who report crimes to the police are simply told that they must have deserved it. Men are not arrested for the murder of their spouse.

The horrible treatment of women manifests in the black community in America as well. According to the American Nurses Association; Femicide, a homicide where the perpetrator is an intimate partner, is a leading cause of death among black women aged 15 to 44 in the United States. Black men are over 8 times more likely to murder a spouse or girlfriend than American men of other races. White women who marry a black man are also over eight times more likely to be murdered by their spouse.

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