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And the SPLC Calls Us Extreme?

By The Unreconstructed Southerner

While they weren’t busy scaremongering poor blacks with images of roaming nonexistent Klansmen, labeling anyone not sipping their morning brew from a Martin Luther King coffee cup a racist, the SPLC decided to take a shot at our organization and some of our members by labeling us ‘extreme.’ Now while we should always let their plastic arrows bounce off our thick skins let’s ask everyone how mainstream the Southern Poverty Law Center truly is.

The SPLC, pro Aztlan bloggers at , and our elites support giving amnesty to illegal aliens. However as proved this past summer with the two amnesty bills, this fall with the Dream Act, and recently with the Farm Bill the American people have rejected amnesty for our Third World invaders. The SPLC fought to get the 10 Commandments removed from the Alabama Supreme Court against the overwhelming majority opinion of the people of the state of Alabama. How mainstream is an organization that is against making English the official language of this nation per the wishes of nearly 70% of the American people? How mainstream is an organization that cooperates with radical homosexual David Brock and Media Matters to silence Lou Dobbs and any reporter who dares speak the truth about the invasion of our nation by the Third World. That an organization would be content with America becoming the next South Africa would dare call anyone else extremists is beyond the pale.

FAIR, Young Americans for Freedom, the League of the South, and everyone in this organization wears any attack by the KGB SPLC in Montgomery as a badge of honor. Much as they try and demonize our stances and opinions I guarantee if placed side by side with the SPLC stances that our Statement of Principles would win hands down. Keep supporting affirmative action, Open Borders, and discrimination against European-Americans Mark and Morris. Judging by the shifting winds in America our cause is advancing while people are beginning to see you for the liars and hypocrites you are. As for your attack on our organization, keep it up it’s worth a front page story in the NY Times everytime you attack us.