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Another Day Another Hate Crime Hoax

By: The Unreconstructed Southerner

To read the Southern Poverty Law Center’s news page one would think their is a white supremacist behind every tree just waiting to inflict all manner of evil. This vision of reality is as absurd as it is laughable. According to our good friends at the SPLC and ADL a rash of hate crimes and racial intimidation has swept the nation since the visit of Iranian President Ahmadinejad’s visit to New York and the invasion of Jena by the throngs of thugs and race hustlers. Sad to say on both counts holes are being poked into this air bubble of fantasy. On October 23, Sarah Marshak, decided it would be cute to draw swastikas on her door and blame it on the roving gangs of Nazis that seem to swarm in the night according to the ADL. Problem was that upon investigating the matter the authorities discovered Miss Marshak’s culpability. It would be funny if this was the only time but sure as Heaven there’s more.

In Baltimore (one of America’s most dangerous cities and 60% Negro by the way) Donald Maynard, a colored fire fighter saw fit to hang a noose in his locker and blame it on racist colleagues. Sure enough the NAACP ran for the cameras and brought the FBI into investigate “civil rights” violations. Unfortunately for Mr. Maynard the FBI and local police were good at what they do and implicated himself as the culprit. If it had been any of his colleagues we all know hellfire and brimstone in the form of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson would have descended like a plague of locusts demanding that the perpetrator be drawn and quartered. However even with it being Mr. Maynard that committed the offense lets review the statement of local NAACP Chairman ‘Doc’ Cheatham. “It really saddens us to hear that evidently things have reached a stage that even an African-American does an injustice to himself and his own people as a result of the negative culture in that department.” Can you believe this?! Even when no white person is involved we are to blame. Walk down the hall at school and be beat half to death by 6 black thugs and you are to blame. Be victimized by blacks and you are still to blame. That is the message that the NAACP and Mr. Cheatham would promote to America.

It’s sad when the SPLC and NAACP are so hard up for sensational crimes that they need minorities to inflict crimes upon themselves to garner press. The press will not report this but we must spread the truth because if allowed to go unchallenged this media narrative will turn more of our people into mindnumb guiltbots. All I can say to Miss Marshak, Mr. Maynard, Mr. Cheatham, and the rest their ilk; keep up the good work, you make this too easy sometimes.